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The Hebrew Yisraelite culture stems back some 3470 years ago after walking out of Mitzraim (Egypt). Yisraelites stayed in Mitzraim for 430 years under hard bondage which was a prophecy told to their patriarch Avraham [Beresheit(Gen.) 15:13]. This prophecy was fulfilled again during the 14 to 1600's during the triangular slave trades, mainly out of west coast Ghana, west Africa. This slavery in the masses from 1650 under the hands of the nations of the US and UK (signs of Eagle) was written in the T'Nakh (Holy Scriptures) in the book of Devareim(Deut.) 28:47-50,68.

The first section of the slave trade started with the Dutch, French and Spaniards which  was around 1423, slaves were mainly taken to the Caribbean and later to the US in 1615. The triangular slave trade began later on, and took slaves out of Cape Coast and Elminah Castles in Ghana in the masses during 1650. The fulfillment of the prophecies in Daniyel(Dan.) 12:7 which speaks about Times, Times and a half; This relation to time which was shown in Daniyel 12:1, made a reference to the time the children of Yisrael became a nation after their time of troubles in Mitzraim. This time was 400 years. 

The first set of Yisraelites in the Caribbean mainly to Xamaca (Jamaica) in 1423 under the Spaniards, were taken over by the British Empire around 1650 and millions of slaves came in from Ghana (mainly), Benine, Togo, Nigeria, Niger and Congo. The Ghanaian slaves (around 90%) gave the island its name Jamaica, which in the Ghanaian Twi language, means: "we are stuck here". Millions of slaves also hit the shores of North America at James Town, VA and Saint Augustine, FL. The completion of the Caribbean slavery ended in 1838 which was a completion of 415 years. Half way through this 400 years the US mass slavery started in 1650 and according to end times prophecies, the presence of the children of Yisrael in the US will come to an end by 2050.  End times prophecies of the departure from bondage and hardship to rebuilding the nation of Yisrael is referenced in Yeshayahu (Isa.) 9:7; Yekezqel (Ezk.) 39:20-29 and Daniyel 7:13-14.
The Hebrew Yisraelite culture live under the laws and constitutions written in the T'Nakh. There are around 613 laws, statutes and judgements which guides the nation. These laws were given to the Yisraelites by the Almighty who shared His name as YEHOWAH [Shemote(Ex.) 6:2-3]. The Yisraelites follows the ordinances of Shemote (Exo) 23:1-3 which commands them to keep a Holy gathering on the 7th day of the week. This 7th day worship is called the Shabaut worship; A 7th day weekly atonement. Along with the weekly Shabaut, Yisraelites also must make appearances at Kog Matzah (Feast of Unleavened Bread), Kog Shevuote (Feast of Weeks) and Kog Sukote (Feast of Booths)...wahYiqrau (Lev.) 23:4-44.

The Hebrew culture, while the Yisraelites (Shemite-Blacks) are fulfilling the prophecy of Devareim 28, has been taken over by a set of Europeans who are the descendants of the Khazarian people who call themselves Jews today. These Jews which came out of Germany mainly, were established as a nation in the Holy land in 1948 with the help of the US, UK and Ottoman Turks. YAH Almighty chose these Khazars to take over the culture of the Yisraelites [Yekhezqel (Ezk)38-39] after the Yisraelites were expelled from the land in 70AD under the hands of Titus the Greco-Roman. This was a way to preserve the Yisraelite culture so they could find a way back to their identity.

During the 1940s around the time of Marcus Garvey's enlightenment, another Jamaican who was an avid christian, got the understanding from deeply studying the Scriptures, that the Scriptures was the life of the Black people and the Jews were living closely to the culture of the Shemite-Blacks in the Scriptures; He later aligned himself with the Jewish people to learn and rebuild the culture. Another Black, out of Trinidad, followed his footstep and later this encouraged others into becoming Black-Jews. Years later, a few of these Black Jews such as Kohen Lewi BenLewi, walked away and created a community called B'nai Zakine (Children of the Ancient) to uplift Blacks to the understanding of being Yisraelites today.
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